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Gabb Wi-fi: A Smartphone for Kids to Withhold Them Genuine and Reduce assist Video show Time


Gabb Wi-fi: A Smartphone for Kids to Withhold Them Genuine and Reduce assist Video show Time

As a tech guy and a parent, I’ve been torn about the trend over the last few years, where kids as young as five have their own smartphone. All over my kids’ school, I see young kids with iPhones and Android phones. Here is Gabb Wireless: A smartphone for kids to keep them safe and…

Gabb Wi-fi: A Smartphone for Kids to Withhold Them Genuine and Reduce assist Video show Time

As a tech guy and a guardian, I’ve been torn about the pattern over the final notice few years, the put childhood as younger as five hang their maintain smartphone. All over the put my childhood’ college, I examine younger childhood with iPhones and Android phones. Here is Gabb Wi-fi: A smartphone for childhood to assist them protected and lower video show screen time.

Why Kids Shouldn’t Occupy Smartphones

As a tech guy, I keep in mind that these units hang change into the manner we be in contact and assist notice of each person, along side the apps that might possibly well allow you to belief exactly the put your childhood are at any time. On the replace hand, as a guardian, I fear about what they’re having a peep at on their smartphones and what else they hang got procure admission to to. Plus, I’d pick that my childhood—especially the youthful ones—don’t employ most of their lives hunched over this form of units.

A most modern article in the Nationwide Evaluate furthers my maintain concerns about younger childhood and smartphone ownership. As adults, we all know what’s accessible on the Files superhighway. On the replace hand, as the article so glaringly facets out, younger childhood—whether or not on their maintain smartphone or a pal’s instrument—are seeing and discovering out about issues at a worthy youthful age than is healthy or appropriate.

Then there are the headlines which are sure to dismay any guardian about younger childhood being groomed by adults by way of games and other apps. Even scarier is the conclusion that each one the parental controls on this planet on your minute one’s iPhone gained’t provide protection to them from worthy of this order and be in contact to.

About Gabb Wi-fi

It sounds as if, there are many people, grandparents, and kinfolk accessible who portion my sentiment and misfortune about giving smartphones to their childhood.

Stephen Dalby, a father, dwelling in Palo Alto, California, developed and founded Gabb Wi-fi, a mobile community designed to be protected for childhood. Gabb supplies units that provide verbal exchange and connection without your entire facets of an on a regular foundation mobile instrument.

When Stephen couldn’t win a phone for his teenage son that didn’t hang procure admission to to apps and other order he became concerned with, Dalby decided to form his maintain phone. Started in 2018, the phone he made has no procure admission to to the Files superhighway, games, social media, app stores, or portray messages.

Every little thing that scares other folks about smartphones for childhood has been eradicated from the Gabb Wi-fi phone. Stephen designed a phone that wouldn’t ideal be protected; it would furthermore allow his son to employ less time on the instrument.

gabb wireless phone
Gabb Wi-fi phone has no procure admission to to the Files superhighway, games, social media, app stores, or portray messages. A accurate smartphone for childhood.

The Gabb Phone

The Gabb Phone is a historic-having a peep, Android-based mostly entirely mostly instrument that youngsters revel in the usage of. It appears to be like trusty esteem a smartphone and supplies about a of the identical facets. It has a five-saunter grunt apart from a 2 MP entrance and 5 MP rear digicam. There is a 3.5mm headphone port for headphones. It has a Quad-Core 1.1Hz processor, apart from 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The battery is made to ultimate as much as three days earlier than it needs to be charged again.

There are apps on the phone, nonetheless they’re fundamental and don’t veer into those areas that form other folks nervous. The phone entails a calendar app, FM radio, photograph gallery, relate recorder, dismay clock, and a calculator. The fundamental cause of the phone is for childhood to textual order and form and receive calls. Contact records might possibly well also be saved to form it more uncomplicated on your childhood to reach you, pals, and kinfolk.

How Gabbs Genuine Smartphone for Kids Works

For anyone who has frail a smartphone, the Gabb phone works similarly to Android phones since it uses the identical working diagram. That you simply might possibly examine icons that signify the minimal apps which are accessible on the phone. The phone icon permits customers to form a phone name and peep up numbers in the contacts listing.

The photograph gallery is the put photos which hang been focused on the phone are saved. That you simply might possibly portion these or prepare and store the footage in albums staunch by way of the photograph gallery. The person can furthermore expend video footage and store movies in the gallery. The digicam and photograph characteristic even permits customers to customize their photography with stress-free function prospers.

The calendar app permits childhood to add events and be taught to prepare what they hang got occurring in their lives. The FM radio ideal works with earphones that double as an antenna. This characteristic makes it smooth and stress-free for anyone around your minute one whereas they’re listening to tune.

Diversified facets consist of a relate recorder, settings, and file supervisor, all of which are identical previous and uncomplicated since the phone is made for a kid to expend.

gabb phone
Diversified facets consist of a relate recorder, settings, and file supervisor, all of which are identical previous and uncomplicated since the phone is made for a kid to expend.

What I Treasure In regards to the Gabb Phone

There’s nothing to abominate about the Gabb Phone. The ticket is honest, and the phone does exactly what you wish it to attain for younger childhood. Even better is that my childhood ideal expend it after they want it rather then turning into glued to the video show screen, day and night. Even the phone belief pricing is honest. More on those information to expend.

Minor Disorders

If I hang been to win the relaxation injurious with the phone, it would be that about a of the issues other folks did esteem about used smartphones — esteem tracking apps — tracking doesn’t work with this phone.

As an instance, Google’s Household Hyperlink app, which permits a guardian to pinpoint the residence of the phone on a draw and put indicators when ride geofences are crossed, doesn’t work on the Gabb instrument.

Gabb will must add mobile records to form future alternate suggestions esteem this conceivable. Also, Gabb hasn’t said whether or not or not its phone helps Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Diversified than that, here’s an very good option for childhood.

The put to Draw shut Your Kids First Smartphone?

Real kind now, that you can ideal take a Gabb Wi-fi phone and procure in touch with belief from the company’s web order.


For the time being, Gabb Wi-fi is ideal accessible in the contiguous 48 states, and there are about a zip codes the put protection might possibly well quiet quiet not be accessible.


The Gabb Phone prices $99.99, along side activation and transport. An extended guarantee is trusty $4.99 per month, and video show screen circumstances are ideal $12.99. I don’t must remind you the way worthy an iPhone or Android phone esteem a Samsung Galaxy prices, so the associated price of a Gabb Phone is something else that makes it in actuality spruce for childhood.

The Gabb Basic service belief prices trusty $19.99 per month and supplies limitless focus on and textual order on a nationwide 4G LTE community. The belief is month-to-month and not utilizing a lengthy-time frame contract required.

Buyer Toughen

Their web order supplies immediate messaging for customer make stronger to procure instantaneous assist, nonetheless customers can furthermore email Buyer Toughen at make

Total Thoughts

Gabb Wi-fi is an very good option for fogeys to produce their childhood with a smartphone. Straight forward verbal exchange and connection that keeps them protected and minimizes the duration of time they employ on it. The Gabb Phone does every thing it advertises and supplies other folks with peace of mind.

There are quiet a range of facets on this phone to protect a ride level of leisure rate for childhood, making it something they’re going to revel in the usage of. Don’t utter it’s not a smartphone. It’s quiet a smartphone, nonetheless it undoubtedly is small in its facets. This helps provide protection to your childhood and abet them assemble healthy habits with expertise.

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