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Amazon Echo Frames overview: Alexa comes for your eyes and ears


Amazon Echo Frames overview: Alexa comes for your eyes and ears

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. 👓 Eye see you Alexa I’ve looked forward to these for quite a while. Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central Those of us who follow Amazon’s development of Alexa closely have been saying for some time that for it to truly succeed, the…

Amazon Echo Frames overview: Alexa comes for your eyes and ears

We might perhaps well well also compose a price for purchases using our hyperlinks. Learn extra.

👓 Take into legend gaze you Alexa

I’ve looked forward to these for pretty a whereas.

Echo Frames Hero

Offer: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

Those of us who be conscious Amazon’s vogue of Alexa closely own been pronouncing for some time that for it to genuinely prevail, the firm would must discover one draw to catch the tidy instruct assistant out of the apartment and into the right world. By lots of third-birthday celebration partnerships, successes fancy the Echo Buds, and failures fancy the Fireplace Cellular phone, Amazon has slowly been chipping away at this aim of rising extra than one cell produce factors for Alexa. The latest are attempting to be released is the Echo Frames, a Day 1 product announced alongside the Echo Buds in dull drop 2019.

Day 1 refers to a unique class of merchandise by Amazon that can practically be in point of fact apt as its own Kickstarter/Indiegogo platform, in that it’s miles a pilot program for sorting out out unique hardware that might perhaps well well also or might perhaps well well now not be released as a mass particular person product. The firm announces the product amid grand fanfare, and gauges ardour in line with a signup route of. It then sends out invitations to present an clarification for the product at a less dear worth than what the estimated plump retail cost will seemingly be. In essence, it permits Amazon tech-lovers fancy me to pay for the privilege of beta sorting out unique hardware for the firm.

Day 1 Editions are designed to raise you our most innovative tips sooner. By selecting to participate, you perchance can own the different to make a contribution feedback that informs future product tips and vogue. — Amazon

The very best say of mind

Amazon Echo Frames

Bottom Line The Echo Frames are a interesting produce explain for Amazon to place Alexa in, but I roughly exclaim it genuinely works. The microphone and audio system are effectively-hid yet completely audible to the wearer, and the indicator light for the duration of the frame is valid noticeable enough without being distracting. Having the ability to shut off Alexa, and never having a digicam or distracting heads-up narrate are usability and privacy advantages as effectively.


  • Fingers-free Alexa access
  • Push-button access to your phone’s assistant
  • Surprisingly respectable sound quality
  • No digicam or HUD to distract the wearer
  • 30-day Audible trial


  • Needs a relentless Bluetooth connection to a phone
  • Sweat- and splash-resistant but now not waterproof
  • Would now not work with iOS devices yet

I was fragment of the first wave to narrate my ardour in the Echo Frames by signing up on the product page following the autumn 2019 tournament, but I did now not fetch my invitation to employ the instrument till the first week of March.

Amazon Echo Frames Invite

Offer: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

I in an instant placed my clarify and ended up receiving the eyeglasses valid a day later — in the future earlier than they were promised (catch it, in the future, Day 1? Ahem.). These Echo Frames were bought by me and never despatched as an official overview unit. As a outcome of I was an early invitee, I was able to catch them for the $180 introductory worth, as opposed to the $250 plump-retail worth.

I might perhaps well well also light also instruct that the Echo Frames come with clear, non-prescription lenses, which is how I examined them. Whereas I light might perhaps well well also clutch them to my optometrist to be fitted with my prescription, I did now not deem it was important to catch an opinion of how the spectacles looked, felt, and operated as a cell gateway to Alexa companies. I examined the Echo Frames on my Samsung Galaxy Declare 9 all the draw in which through the week of March ninth, 2020. I had also deliberate to envision out them with my iPhone XR, but at the time of this overview, iOS devices were now not yet supported.

Echo Frames

Offer: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

A own a study the spec(tacle)s

Specs Amazon Echo Frames
Compatibility Android-simplest
Dimensions 54 x 18 x 145mm
Weight 31g

Case weights 183g
Materials TR-90

Carbon fiber

Colours Dusky frame

Tortoise temple recommendations
Audio system 4 microspeakers (2 in every temple) beamforming audio
Microphone 2 beamforming microphones
Hide One little LED on the interior better correct portion of frame
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Water resistance IPX4 sweat- and water splash-resistant
Battery Day of intermittent utilization at 60% quantity

3 hours of persevering with audio playback at 60% quantity

Since I’ve now not had the different to wear among the other augmented reality or tidy glasses accessible similar to Google Glass, Focals by North, or the Bose Alto, I’m now not going to probe too grand into the Echo Frames’ relative technical specifications for this overview.

What was most attention-grabbing to me with this instrument were the audio system and microphone. Amazon included four microaudio system (2 on either facet), alongside with two beamforming microphones, and they’re now not simplest effectively-hid in the temples of the glasses, but they characteristic remarkably effectively for their size.

The Echo Frames happily beget sport a level of water- and sweat-resistance, but you can’t stand out in a rainstorm or soar in the pool with them on. The dimensions of the glasses themselves is moderately typical, although thanks to the constructed-in tech, the temples are moderately thicker than fashioned, but nothing too hideous.

Amazon says the battery on the Echo Frames might perhaps well well also light final a plump day with intermittent utilization at an cheap quantity. Estimating a median battery lifestyles for a product that can be broken-down all day and aged in a different draw by diversified of us is undoubtedly indispensable, but I stumbled on I might perhaps well well catch moderately over this estimate (nearer to three 1/2 hours or extra repeatedly playing track).

Screenshot 20200310 104310 Amazon Alexa

Screenshot 20200310 104403 Amazon AlexaScreenshot 20200310 104350 Amazon AlexaScreenshot 20200310 104531 Amazon AlexaOffer: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

Amazon promises 24/7 customer toughen for the Echo Frames, and they’ll present purchasers free returns and a plump refund if they’re unable to catch their prescriptions fitted by their optometrist. In line with the firm, Echo Frames themselves (now not the prescription lenses) are circuitously lined in-community by any imaginative and prescient insurance provider. Quiet, the firm does divulge that many insurance suppliers allow customers to submit an out-of-community allege for frames compensation. I might perhaps well well now not be worried at all to hear that Amazon is working with suppliers to catch the frames after all in part lined as effectively, if/when these turn out to be a mainstream product.

Surroundings the Echo Frames up for the duration of the Alexa app was as easy as environment up every other Echo instrument, and took now not up to a immediate time to total. There own been quite loads of screens to read through, and even a video tutorial to peep to succor me catch an opinion where the total controls and settings were on the instrument and in the app. When I had that say up, I was ready to envision out them out!

Spectacular tips

Amazon Echo Frames Lifestyle

Offer: Amazon

My first opinion when the Echo Frames were announced was that they were a fab opinion, but that audio out of doorways of Alexa’s responses might perhaps well well be rubbish. Fortunately, I was inappropriate! The sound that comes out of the four beamforming microspeakers is surprisingly, effectively, respectable. And in point of fact, I feel that is a plan shut here.

The audio is surprisingly respectable. And in point of fact, I feel that is a plan shut here.

The sound is now not continuously going to be as valid as noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones or noise-lowering earbuds, nonetheless or now not it’s now not deplorable at all. The audio system fireplace downward shut to and into your ears, so the sound is targeted. To me, it sounds fancy you might perhaps well well perchance in point of fact own a fine valid radio shut to your ears. But essentially the most attention-grabbing fragment of the audio abilities is that you just might perhaps well well genuinely and genuinely hear the sphere round you — even better than when carrying the Echo Buds with their Passthrough mode. Plus, with these, you don’t feel fancy you might perhaps well well perchance also own something jammed into your ear canal or covering your head, which is freeing to your other senses.

For as valid because the audio system conducted, the microphones perceived to work valid as effectively. I had no explain getting Alexa’s consideration to clutch down reminders, resolution questions, or play audio. My simplest discipline was when I wore them in my apartment, my commands would infrequently be overheard by one of my other Echo devices as effectively, and this perceived to time out up Alexa on the Echo Frames valid a minute bit. I’m a minute bit of of an edge case since I own so many Echo devices in my home, but must you might perhaps well well perchance also very effectively be round other Echo audio system, clutch into consideration your Echo Frames received’t bear up.

I examined the glasses in quite loads of diversified eventualities, including on my nightly stroll and with a Nest Mini blaring in the assist of me, and I might perhaps well well light hear my Amazon Music playlist through Echo Frames audio at 60% quantity. Every time I wished to I might perhaps well well flip up the amount, but I did now not must beget it that typically.

The Echo Frames were genuinely fine contented to wear.

The other explain that I was outlandish about going into this overview was valid how contented these eyeglasses might perhaps well well be. Glasses are very private and an item that you just’ll seemingly wear if now not all day, then a important portion of it (indubitably extra than earbuds), so these would might perhaps well well own to be contented to own any chance of succeeding. I was pleasantly taken aback to search that the Echo Frames match me pretty effectively, and pretty with ease, correct out of the box. I will divulge that the frames around the lenses are moderately on the thick facet, so I undoubtedly noticed them, but they weren’t a distraction either. They’re extra contented than my contemporary pairs of prescription glasses, although, each on the bridge and on the temples/ears. That you can alter the recommendations your self if wanted, but if the bridge is honest too tight, or too slippery, then you definately’ll must enlist the succor of your optometrist to alter that fragment.

As for the enter controls, or now not it’s largely sure here as effectively. There is a button on the front underside of the most effective temple that you just exhaust to flip the instrument on or off, and moreover it’s miles aged to soundless or unmute Alexa. Slack that, you might perhaps well well perchance in point of fact own a quantity rocker, which is also easy enough to discover and has valid tactility. Nearly the total panel on the most effective temple serves because the touchpad, allowing you to settle for calls or notifications with a swipe, or reject notifications with two taps. You most certainly might perhaps well well also moreover pause or restart audio with one or two taps, respectively. These gestures beget work, but I stumbled on them to be moderately finicky. Not so grand on legend of the hardware capabilities, but for the reason that steady say where you might perhaps well well perchance also very effectively be alleged to tap/swipe was continuously complicated for me to discover. I believe this valid requires moderately bit of say and patience on my fragment to catch correct, nonetheless it wasn’t 100% consistent for me from the commence.

Amazon has genuinely been leaning into its privacy aspects in its product marketing offers, including the Echo Frames. Not simplest are you able to soundless Alexa, but must you beget the LED say light on the upper correct portion of the interior frame adjustments shade to snarl your choice was respected. The very best explain I had with that LED indicator was that I stumbled on myself straining to search at it/for it. This might perhaps perchance well also very effectively be valid because I was consciously checking to search if and the draw in which it labored, but I was acutely responsive to my behavior.

Pictured above: Echo Frames with LED indicator light activated

Of route, you might perhaps well well light seek files from of Alexa to delete what you valid talked about or to delete that day’s recordings at any time, and you might perhaps well well delete your instruct historical previous through the Amazon Privacy Hub. Additionally, some interactions with Alexa might perhaps well well also require the wearer to free up their phone (browsing, home automation, etc.). Here’s an added security measure, but users can disable the characteristic for the duration of the Alexa app if they plan shut.

One other privacy characteristic, after all as some distance as I’m spicy, is that the Echo Frames beget now not include a digicam. I feel that was a wise decision and might perhaps well well light succor the adoption and acceptance of this product might perhaps well well also light it make it to broader manufacturing. I also fancy that Amazon elected now not to place any roughly heads-up narrate into the frames or lenses. Not simplest would that make these grand dearer (and fragile) and hurt the battery lifestyles, but that might perhaps well well make them too distracting for on a favorite foundation use, after all in my humble opinion. I feel Google Glass obtained each of these choices inappropriate, and as fascinating because the Focals by North are, I deem that valid including Alexa audio enter/output was a better decision by Amazon here.

Of route, one of many key selling aspects of these glasses is the fingers-free Alexa access, nonetheless or now not it’s nice to search toughen for other assistants baked in. Would possibly perhaps well moreover merely light you plan shut to name up Google Assistant (or later, Siri), you might perhaps well well beget so at the press of a button. Good contact!

One other nice perk? Amazon is throwing in a free 30-day trial of its Audible audiobook and spoken be conscious provider. That lets you got after all one book that you just might perhaps well well bear, even must you’re taking out now not to lengthen your membership. Then you might perhaps well well own Alexa read to you thru your Echo Frames.

Blind spots

Echo Frames Hero Zero

Offer: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

Since these are a Day 1 product and never yet marketed as an on a favorite foundation instrument for most of us, I beget now not own a ton of serious complaints about them to this level. Then again, there are a few nits I’d plan shut to take at whereas I own your, and with any luck, Amazon’s consideration.

Initially, I mark why the Echo Frames might perhaps well well own to be tethered to a smartphone for their files connection at the present, but I might perhaps well well love to search a future version of the product own constructed-in LTE (or after all Wi-Fi) for its own connection. That would employ into the instrument’s battery lifestyles, but if Amazon can catch that learned, it’d be a sport-changer. Heck, if smartwatches can bear 12-24 hour battery lifespans (or extra) of their little produce factors, I feel this might perhaps perchance well be nearby for the Echo Frames version two or three, might perhaps well well also light the product make it that some distance.

Amazon might perhaps well well also light borrow a page from Warby Parker or Apple Look’s vogue book when brooding about the following version of the Echo Frames.

One other explain that Amazon genuinely desires to own in mind if they wish for this produce explain to clutch off is the model angle. Whereas I personally did now not discover the look of the Echo Frames objectionable, they beget own a minute bit of a 1960s NASA engineer vibe to them, and that’s now not necessarily the look that each person is going for. That being talked about, they build now not cry techy instrument nearly as grand as Google Glass did, and to my pals and family, after all, they looked fancy they would well lumber as fashioned eyeglasses.

I might perhaps well well plan shut to search a future iteration own one other model recommendations a la Warby Parker or even Apple Look, and I feel diversified use cases might perhaps well well be treasured as effectively. Having the ability to place shades in these with out a prescription, or having a sporty version that is seemingly to be grand extra resistant to water and dirt are two recommendations I know I’d be very attracted to.

I mark that I’m a minute bit of an anomaly in that I use each Android and iOS devices (especially here on an Android web insist). Quiet, if Amazon wants this product to beget effectively, it genuinely desires to catch lively on the iOS compatibility. Whereas now not as substantial worldwide, in the U.S. iOS accounts for practically 50% market half. That’s lots of eyeballs and eardrums Alexa is missing out on with the Echo Frames.

The eyes own it

Amazon Echo Frames

Offer: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

Now we come to the level of the overview where you decide to must know if I counsel that of us establish the Echo Frames or now not. Effectively, here is the deal.

For many of us correct now, I’d divulge sit this round out. The Echo Frames are light in the invitation-simplest fragment, and there’s no guarantee that they’re going to ever graduate to a fully-fledged particular person product. As I talked about earlier, these are intended for early adopters, tech lovers, and guinea pigs (effectively, now not steady guinea pigs, but how brilliant would that be?). For individuals who might perhaps well well also very effectively be feeling you might perhaps well well perchance also very effectively be on this class of of us, then, by all methodology, register and clutch a appreciate at to catch an invite.

I was legitimately contented at how grand I loved the match, make, and functionality of the Echo Frames, and I’m seriously brooding about getting my prescription stuffed with them. I’m hoping that Amazon can clutch the total sure and detrimental feedback from the initial commence of the Echo Frames and flip this Day 1 instrument correct into a product that can continue to be improved for years yet to come assist.

Sneak scrutinize frames

Amazon Echo Frames

Here’s taking a appreciate at you, Alexa.

This Day 1 Version product will elevate Alexa with you whereas out on this planet in a discreet pair of microphone-embedded glasses that you just can be wanting an invite to establish.

Now hear this

Amazon Echo Buds

Alexa breaks out

These wireless earbuds by Amazon are a solid first swing at a unique product class and produce explain for Alexa. The match and sound are very valid for the worth, and the consolation of fingers-free Alexa and Google Assistant/Siri at a faucet is a genuinely necessary mixture.

We might perhaps well well also compose a price for purchases using our hyperlinks. Learn extra.

Jeramy Johnson

Jeramy is proud to succor Address Austin Irregular and loves hiking in the hill country of central Texas with a breakfast taco in every hand. When he’s now not writing about tidy home devices and wearables, he’s defending his relationship alongside with his tidy instruct assistants to his family. That you can be conscious him on Twitter at @jeramyutgw.

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